DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks 150 Count Each


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Dentek comfort Clean Floss pick’s silky smooth floss is better than traditional rolled floss because it’s gentler on teeth and gums while comfortably removing food and plaque from teeth. You Know how painful it can be on your teeth and gums when you use rolled floss to clean your teeth between meals.. DenTek has a new pain-free way to floss your teeth. Use DenTek comfort Clean Floss picks. After breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, food and plaque stick between teeth. Doctors agree this build-up may lead to cavities, gum disease and other dental health problems. Prevent tooth decay and tooth stains by flossing after every meal. While your teeth may feel clean after using a toothbrush and toothpaste, they’re not fully clean without taking good care of those interdental spaces where plaque and food tend to hide out. DenTek Comfort Clean Floss picks are clinically proven to work as effectively as rolled You refuse to floss every day because it hurts? do your gums bleed whenever you use traditional floss? DenTek comfort Clean Floss pick’s ultra thin silky comfort flosser tape slides smoothly between teeth. The textured floss pick deep cleans between teeth and stimulates gums without hurting your mouth. Plus the built-in tongue cleaner helps fight bad breath. Try DenTek floss picks to take good care of your healthy smile without the discomfort of traditional dental floss. DenTek comfort Clean Floss picks are available in 90 and 150 count.


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